Daylilies and picket fences

July especially July Fourth is daylilies in front of white picket fences on Main Street, in West Brookfield, MA.  All one needs is a lobster and red and white checkered napkins. America. Eastern America. Could be Ohio except for the lobster.

 To escape into another world, mentally far from Fake News, I have steeped myself in Father Brown Mysteries. On Netflix. When I first caught the show on PBS/BBC I thought FB was an unimportant man of the cloth who was an irritant to the rude Chief Inspector.  Now that I have given the series a better look, I find FB a captivating, intelligent, kind sensitive priest. Doesn’t proselytize, no preaching but a moral man who encourages people to do the right thing.  I watched all the episodes and was disappointed when they were done. I hope for more in the future. Now I am binge watching Murdock, a Canadian sleuth, handsome as the day is long and don’t the cameras know it. Well I won’t gain weight on that eye candy unless I binge eat simultaneously.

I do break for guitar and piano practice and household maintenance. I have to practice during the day because the folks upstairs don’t like the ‘racket’ at night. Okay.

Weather good for plein air painting. Went out with a group Saturday. Absolutely a beautiful day with a 360 view of stunning landscape. Big ole trees, frog pond with pond lilies and day lilies, bosky dells, and meadows and blueberry bushes.

Hardwick Farmers Market on the Common every Sunday 11 to 2. Doing pretty well selling my veg earrings, hand painted tees, veg cards and terraria. Come see. veg earveg ear2

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