An Apple a Day Shop

Earrings, Earring Cards, and just Cards

Hand made earrings for pierced ears, mostly, although I do make a few clip-on types. I use Swarovsky crystals, Polish glass, silver, gold, stainless steel and copper wires. I feature fruit and vegetable earrings and some such as the carrots are hand made with polymer clay, baked and painted. The paint will not come off. If you lose one I can make another if the parts are available. Polymer earrings are never exactly identical because they are hand made. These and others are sold at The Boston Public Market, and at Hardwick, MA, Farmers Market on summer Sundays, 11-2 PM, and me via email. I take Pay Pal and checks. subject: Apple a Day Shop

Summer 2022 cards

Winter cards

Hand painted watercolor cards. These are not printed. You may want to collect them by peeling off the white card and framing it for a group collection. When you ask for a card in this group I will paint it for you. $7.00 includes shipping. I will add more cards as this season advances, such as flowers, different birds, herbs, vegetables..

Please note: These are examples of what I make. I cannot always get the same exact bead or other component. On the other hand I can custom make your bracelets and earrings with your choice of color or metal. I also am on Face Book and Twitter under the name Tomteberg. The Earring cards are usually $25.00 including shipping.

My Spring cards and earrings are mainly of birds and flowers

Polymer Vegetables and Fruit

Polymer carrots with embossed metal leaves. $15.

Lovely little radishes, $15.

hot peppers (polymer) $10.00

A polymer cat pin. all different, usually colorful. I sell them for $5.

The BoHo collection. Shimmery like stained glass, these Czech glass beads are ‘eary’ fascination

Delicious pastel painted wood beads with Polish glass spacers.

Pastel Wood Bead Necklace

Painted wood beads (15-16 mm) with Polish glass spacers. Ballet pink satin ribbon, adjustable length


wood necklace

Black, Brown, Tan Taiwanese cheesewood bead necklace. Adjustable length ombre satin cord.


Black, Brown Tan, White wood beads

Wood beads, Adjustable length. Nice contrast for summer clothes. These beads are about 5/8 ” each. or 15-16mm. Ombre satin cord.


Wood Beads

Natural color waxed Taiwanese cheesewood. 15-16 mm round. about 5/8″. Ombre satin cord.


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