Another View

Poor Hannah got a stern talking to. She had gotten to a ‘safe space’. She’s an odd cat. Runs under the bed when I come into the room But if I am sitting down reading she walks around my chair always approaching from the left as if she is mounting a horse and jumps into my lap only to climb up to my neck.  She has peculiar toilette habits which is what she got the talking to about. She frustrates me to the point of my wanting to take her out into the yard and give her an airplane ride which of course I would never do. So SPCA please don’t call.  She likes the idea of canned cat food but only if it is Fancy Feast and only if it is just gravy which they don’t have. Besides I am not going to pay 60 cents for a preciously small can of just gravy. Before you mention the obvious, she will not eat human food.
This lovely verbena from Stillman’s hangs at my front door. I should say door because there is no back door. There is a door to the inside of the building but I don’t ever expect, if there is a fire , to run into the building. Well, maybe if the lawn is on fire…
Did you know that 70% of certain type of  coal mined is used for making steel.  Cars, bicycles, pots to cook your veggies in, computers and wind turbines etc.
About 42% of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas ( do I hear fracking) and oil, goes for energy which you folks with Prius cars use when you plug in to charge your battery.  Only 15% is renewable energy, sun, wind, water. Now that Trump has okayed the mining of coal those numbers will change. The renewable energy so far, is not efficient and must be subsidized by you and me.
A couple of years ago  Larry and I were  passing through Montana and stopped in Butte for a folk music weekend. I took a tour of the mining museum. In their hayday they mined copper –big time, silver, gold, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, quartz and several other minerals.  I was told bad decisions and bad investments caused the mines to close, not corporate greed.  They used to refine the ore there and ship it all over the world. But Ah Ha the government said no more refining done here, you have to ship it to Japan and then they ship it back to us all neat and clean, The heck with Japan’s air and water, right? So what happened? In the 70s the smelters and refineries  closed, the copper mines closed the people are out of work and the city is a dreary place with shabby buildings and people leaving to find work elsewhere. The population went from 100K to 34K.
I remember two things. A diner that served pasties, a meat hand pie made for the men who go to the mines. You don’t see that on the menu around here.  The population- a high percentage from Cornwall, yep the miners.  The other memorable thing,  the lovely meadow where we parked our motorhome was covered with dainty  bitterroot flowers. It’s the state flower of Montana and there it was growing at 5,537 ft in the mountains.

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