8ebc3-1-godfrey2bfinds2ba2bhomeTo date I have published two books. My first, Up in Smoke, about a Minnesota family that gets together every few years now to recreate the ‘old’ days when the family harvested oats using a steam tractor and harvester and just plain muscle. While the women in the family helped in the field as well, their efforts included cooking and baking a feast for the harvest meals. The illustrations in the book enhance  the story for children and adults who are curious about steam or are avid enthusiasts of steam tractors. The party culminates in a big dance with the brothers and cousins playing their guitars and other stringed instruments, a drum set and sound equipment.

Godfrey Finds a Home is a story about a kitten treed by dogs and rescued by the farm wife. The wife’s mother adopts the kitten and names him Godfrey. Godfrey learns about life on a vegetable farm, about how things grow, meets the farm workers and learns about the important contribution Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) makes to the farm family and to the far reaching community the farmers reach with their produce which can include meat, fruit, grains, honey and maple syrup.

This is the first in the proposed series about Godfrey and his travels and adventures. I have written several stories and am in the process of illustrating them.

Both books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also for a signed copy you can email me or send me a check for $14.00 which includes shipping. Mention what name or message you would like inscribed in the book(s).