Spring went by while I was sleeping

Today is beautiful, if a bit on the warm side. Noticeable because we went from winter coats to short sleeves. Pretty much like the forsythia went from brown stems to full bloom all of a sudden,

second scan lily2018

Lily of the Valley

Not complaining.   Our Apartment super fixed my screen door and my trike handlebars this AM and I toodled off to the library. I am looking for the movie (DVD) Dangerous Moonlight. Nobody has it. It is about flights over Warsaw during WWll. The music Warsaw Concerto was featured . Very popular tune for pianists in the 40s. The Nineteen forties. My brother Dave used to play it.  I bet he’s forgotten. It’s loud. Also I was looking for the movie We’re No Angels with Humphrey B. and Peter Ustinov and Peter Lorre. Three great stars.  I put in a request at CWMARS. It is a regional interlibrary loan service in Massachusetts. Free for me but the library has to pay big bucks to be in it. They will email me in a couple of days saying it is in.  Some months ago I joined the library book group here. I like one out of six books. It was The Wright Brothers.  The other books were fiction and I could not relate to two 13 years old boys shoplifting, and drinking vodka in the Las Vegas, NV outskirts.  I don’t want to struggle for what should be for enjoyment. I did that when I was in school. Done with that.  I get lots of recommendations from my reader friends. I just thought where I live by my onesies it would be nice to converse about erudite things with other non related adults. While I am very sympathetic I don’t want to talk about illnesses, aches and pains, politics and gossip with non related adults.  I enjoy talking about art and music, other artists creative experiments and jam sessions with instruments.

I am preparing for a one woman show in South Hadley, MA at Barstow’s Store/Bistro/Cafe.  I am allowed 16 paintings. Hopefully they will sell and I will bring more and sell those and I can keep painting. I have been painting greeting/note cards that are sold in Boston because I have no room to store paintings anymore.

And, I am getting together appropriate paintings for a new Brew pub opening in June in Gilbertville, MA.  It will be called ‘Lost Towns.’ Our history out here has sad memories for some still alive who used to live in the towns now under the Quabbin Reservoir . The reservoir was built or carved from an area including farms and some manufacturing plants near the Connecticut River Valley.  The government came in and told them to go find some other place to live, we need your land. They needed  a reservoir to provide water fro Boston.  Oddly the people who worked in factories could relocate and find another job or keep the job they had if the company relocated. But the farmers; they would have to find land and buy it and start all over again felling trees, digging stumps, etc.   The brewery will commemorate our history.

When the state took land from people in the region of the Sudbury Reservoir, where I grew up in Southboro, Same thing happened. This was in the early 1900s. They did some blasting for the tunnel and existing houses were partially damaged. Cracked plaster was one problem my folks house sustained. The MDC Metropolitan District Commission brought over a bag of plaster to the home owner. DIY  Try and get away with that now.

On my agenda is chairing a tag sale/rummage/yard/attic treasures sale to benefit the church, on the Hardwick Common, June 2 and 3 along with a multi tabled plant sale which Stillman’s has contributed and crafters will be there with their tables. So put in Hardwick Common or Hardwick Center in maps on your phone and take a nice drive out to the country if you are within a reasonable distance. Hardwick is in the center of the state.

The illustration is a watercolor I did for the Spring music program at the Tri Parish Community Church.

Happy Spring.

2 thoughts on “Spring went by while I was sleeping

  1. This is a pretty painting of the Lily of the Valley, Auntie. Cousin Cindy just took me for a walk on the MDC land in Southboro where you grew up. It was such a pretty day and it brought back memories of playing there as kids. I wish we could all be back there.


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