Winter season

Escaped to the South just before Hurricane Sandy slid up the Coast to the Northeast. This photo shows early morning sunrise as Sandy’s tail went by the Carolinas. Driving inland on old Route 1 we didn’t encounter any winds or rain but the clouds were swirly like you see on the weather forecasters map.
On a lighter side, here is a photo of our motor home with accent on the home,on the track at Daytona Speedway in Florida where we attended the Good Sam Rally. L.B. got a kick out of being on the track.

We will be spending the winter in Panama City Beach, Florida. LB will be scooping ice cream cones and I will be painting and teaching art.

This hand painted glass ball with the quail on it is an example of my Christmas Time crafting. My hand painted glass balls are a popular seller at craft fairs and I personalize them with a name and date for the customer. I am not doing fairs this year. I mostly do birds but some flowers and winter greens and occasioally I get a request for a pet portrait.  Email me if you are interested in ordering. They are $16 ea. and $2.00 xtra for a name. Pet portrait is $25.00. Includes shipping in the US. Rates may change so verify. If you are near Hardwick, Mass. they are available at Clover Hill Farm store. See Cheryl about them.
 On the Stillmans Farm blog, she suggests buying local for Christmas and help our United States stay in business and not China so much. Read her post for ideas, they are great.

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