Slow and steady

It has been said that home is–when you go there they have to let you in.  Also said: Home is where you hang your hat. Nope. Home is comfort. It’s a place to nestle in to. It smells right.  Living in a rehab facility is bearable if you know you’re going home soon. I got well as soon as I could sleep most of the night.  Sleep is so healing.  Being out of commission with a broken leg in a non weight bearing cast slowed me down and put all those projects I had on hold.  Making every day count-a Yankee maxim- doesn’t mean you have to keep all your tops spinning at once.  One good top spinning on course is good and productive.
I have found a publisher that has a good rating.  I have read a number of books on self  publishing vs traditional publishing.  A writer can wait a year or more once accepted for their book to appear in print after they have been accepted by a traditional publisher.  Hey, I don’t want to wait that long.  I am tired of sending out manuscripts and waiting the usual three months for no reply. Not even a thanks/no thanks  or have an apple.  I think I should try to estimate how many books I can sell before I go ahead.  I need to be pretty sure of covering the price of publishing plus the printing cost of each book.  My estimate is $1600 +- for publishing and $3.50 a book for printing.  I will work this all out and tell you what I find.

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