The Opening of my show was a delightful event for me. I had put out a guest book and the comments ranged from ‘beautiful show’ to ‘impressive work’. I had 32 paintings including oil, watercolor and pastel. I didn’t have room to hang more so I will take down the ‘solds’ and replace them. One of the paintings that sold was one that I almost didn’t hang. This painting caused verbal admiration from some and was snapped up quickly which surprised me. It was the depth and intensity of the blue in the water and the sky they said and that I should do more seascapes. There were other favorable comments on water scenes so I think maybe I should focus more attention to them in the future. These comments were an unexpected plus side to having the show. I wasn’t too surprised to find that the scenes of Our American West didn’t evoke much interest here in New England. I had sold five in California and Texas. The exception to that is paintings of cowboys and horses would sell in the East.
It was a lot of work for a long time in the making but as in other arts unless you put yourself out there into the public area you won’t know how your performance is rated. The show will be up another three months and I hope to get more feedback.
Here’s the article in The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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