Seize the Day

For years I have been fixed on several goals; to paint as I travel the country and accrue paintings for my one woman show–(which happens to be this coming January 7th,2012 thru March at the West Brookfield library on Main Street at the lights. Reception from 11:00 to 2:00) and to write and illustrate my children’s book series.

Since October 2011 the manuscripts have been shelved temporarily and serious painting has slowed. I am painting with an interest in small 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 watercolors.  Maybe these will be easily saleable. . My new site on named zsazsa’s art studio is a test to see how well they are received. They are quick to paint, (though they are carefully done) come with mat and backing and in a clear sleeve. They are easy and inexpensive to mail and affordable.
Through the ages artists have adapted for the commercial purposes. Starving in an attic studio is romantic and idealistic but survivors cave to reality.  This is  my way of doing what I love without piling up stacks of canvasses creating a storage problem.
Little paintings of birds and wildflowers and sets of 4 little herb pictures are being offered. Also, glass Christmas tree balls with painted birds and mistletoe personalized for the buyer with any name on them. Naturally this is seasonal.
 On the etsy site I go by the name swedishblond.

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