Artist’s Model

Artists can get all the pictures they want of a subject on the internet but there is nothing like the real thing. I’ve been working on a story about a cat and I have had a hard time finding the poses I need. For Valentines Day Larry took me on a surprise ride to the animal rescue here in Kerrville and I was invited to go in and choose my Valentine kitty. It is a very good place. Rooms of cats all having a good time, well cared for and clean. Plenty of levels to jump around on and a screened in porch for each room. I had a hard time choosing but finally settled on the one that climbed up on Larry’s head. Tex is a small gray and white Domestic Shorthair male. A very affectionate boy probably 10 months old. He has settled in to our RV well, is box trained and learns fast. Larry built him a scratch post and bungee corded it to the leg of the table and he uses it instead of my oriental rug. I kid about artists model as I love cats but he will make a good model for my next book, a children’s story, which I have ready to send to a publisher. Working on the all important cover letter now.

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