new granddaughter

Under the heading..a time for every purpose, I have suddenly (considering the span of my life)developed a passion for knitting. Given the opportunity in the past to learn from my sister in law who was an accomplished knitter I had declared it was too boring to sit an do a repetitive project like that. 30 years later I see the charm of it. But no sister in law to guide me. She passed away too soon in life. There are fab web sites now with instructive videos. Actually a sister in law on my husband’s side encouraged me to tackle a complicated sweater pattern for my daughter last July and I finally finished it for Christmas. I feel good about the accomplishment but it doesn’t look like the picture. My daughter is politely appreciative. So then, when I heard about a pending granddaughter I hunted and found a neat, looks complicated but isn’t, baby sweater called a five hour baby sweater,qv. online. knitted all one piece looks like a gerrymandered map of Massachusetts. So now Little Granddaughter has arrived and the sweater will rest quietly for 6 months for her to grow in to it. Blessings upon thee small one.
If you have time on you hands while waiting in a Drs’ office, an airport, on a plane, consider knitting…it is calming on the nerves, you have a sense of accomplishment and you actually don’t get aggravated at delays. So beguiled by beautiful yarns made from a variety of materials and combinations like alpaca/acrylic and a paintbox of colors I am thinking of my next project and the victim on the receiving end. I even knit a dishcloth yesterday to test if it will perform better than store bought. Onward and upward.

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