Color is music to my eyes

Words used to describe music are apt for color. When I think of vivace I picture alizarin crimson / hot pink. Fortissimo is vermillion, dolce is baby pink, coral, adagio and amabile are soft yellows while lemon peel yellow is allegro or forte. Color combinations can be dissonant, agitato, like alizarin/lemon/ coral, while interesting, can be jarring to some. The greens are largo, except the lime peels are allegro. The blues are usually amabile, sotto voce, teals can be largo, while the sapphires can be allegro and forte. I suppose this might be useful to someone who is colorblind. I on the other hand find color beguiling, stimulating or relaxing, I did a painting of a hosta garden and exotic maple trees. It is in shades of greens and yellows. It is harmonious and largo. But there is a splash of alizarin in the golden third that is dissonant. High contrasts such as white, black and red are vivace and forte. What piece of music does one think of when looking at a painting. An English speaking wine critic has the same problem, they use other terms like food to describe a wine. It has a raspberry undertone, it’s parched, flowery. I don’t think music critics have that problem. I think if one brings music terms to a painting, an emotion or mixtures of emotions comes with these terms. It becomes personal which opinions always are.

Hosta Garden