A Quiet Place

These days of semi-confinement due to the pandemic of corvid 19 is actually good for the artist. Whether a musician, a writer or a visual artist, a to withdraw into ones studio is a great opportunity to bring out from the depths of ones mind the memories, visions and spiritual pantry of stored bits and pieces. The sounds, smells and scenes from walks in the woods, of travels, of the marketplace, and of people in those places comes to the forefront of my mind when I have a period of almost enforced reflection. Normally I get busy with outside activities, like my Monday Piano lesson, Tuesday art group, my Wednesday Bible group, guitar lessons, organ practice, gardening, shopping….So now I have been sequestered and am all done making masks for people, working on my jewelry, experimenting with polymer clay, wooden beads, and on. The weather has been cold, cloudy , rainy, windy. Not conducive to painting outdoors unless I want to sit in my car, which I have done before. But painting on a cloudy day makes for a painting with little contrast like pussy willows and fog.

cloudy sunrise

So now I will contact my muse and get out my new 300 lb watercolor paper and see what happens.