“What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”  James Russell Lowell’s poem is one of my favorites. He goes on to say…”Now is the high-tide of the year, And whatever of life hath ebbed away

Comes flooding back with a ripply cheer,”
This mid month week in Massachusetts has been perfectly beautiful with temps in the mid 70s, sunny, slight breeze.  Yet, for some this is a time of feeling blue. I am sorry for them. I feel happy and contented, well, as contented as I can be. Artists areseldom complacent’  I have a place to live, freedom to come and go, gas for my car, and plenty to fill my day.
crystal apples
 I listed some of my earrings on Etsy under the shop name swedishblond. These are my crystal apples. I make pearl pears, orange crystal carrots and cherries. I paint watercolor vegetables on cards and sell them at Boston Public Market. My daughter has quite a large section for Stillman’s Farm veggies and other things there. They recently added another section to sell their veg and flower plants. 
On the fourth of July I will don my warm 19th century costume and sing at the Old Sturbridge Village when they have a group of new Americans becoming citizens.We will sing Patriotic songs as sung in 1830. That is the latest time period of The Village. My hat’s off to those who take the trouble, time and money to become citizens of the greatest country that ever existed to my knowledge. Maybe the Eskimos are runners up. They seem to stay out of trouble.

A single iris plant

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