A medium change

For the first time in five years we spent the winter in the North and happily for us we had little snow. In early March the snowdrops were massed around the stonewall and the tentative pussy willows were ready for picking. Mid March sweeps of crocuses were on the banking next to the driveway. Then came the daffodils and magnolia blossoms and then a cold spell. Oh well.
I have ventured into unknown territory and armed with books from the library and a tin of 130 Prismacolor pencils I am enjoying my new medium. A very different technique. Time consuming…I worked on a nasturtium leaf for almost one hour this morning. I have done a sunset from a photo I took, over the Quartzsite, AZ mountains quite successfully. It’s framed and ready for someone besides me to enjoy. I did an illustration for my next book and am ‘painting’ a Bosc pear from all angles in my new sketch book.

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