Hitchcock Art Group

The Hitchcock Art Group meets one day a week from 9 to 12 at the old Hitchcock Academy in Brimfield, Mass to paint or draw in the company of fellow artists.
Techniques and ideas and light critiquing are exchanged casually. In summer they meet plein aire.
By 10:30 AM someone- usually the same person, says ‘Where are we going for lunch?’
It is a tourist area but there aren’t many convenient and worthwhile places to eat. I don’t get why eating establishments want to offer dull, tasteless, poorly presented food and why do they have repeat customers? Do these customers get worse fare at home? Eating out isn’t cheap. Consider the length of time you have to work to pay for the check.
The conversation is interesting. These people have done and been many exotic places. This last time one of the members talked about living on a small Fiji island in the South Pacific for three years painting, fishing and sailing. Ahhhh.

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