Florida Panhandle

A friend advised us that a trip to the Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum was a must. Not only is it free but it is excellent. A docent tour filled in and rounded out what the signs said about each plane and its importance in the history of flight. I was very much taken with the old movies of our ‘air force’ in World War I. Amazing video showing the determination and courage of our Aces in that war. Also heard stories of courage in later wars. If you go, you’ll come out of there feeling good about America and the men and women who help preserve our liberty so that we can romp around to our hearts content, free to travel from one state to another with out question. Here is a picture of Larry doing his Patton impression at the museum.
We stopped to see friends in Panama City Beach for a few days and jam with them. The beach is wonderful with its white sugar sand and blue/green water. It was Spring Break week but hardly anyone was on the beach before noon except us.

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