Keeping a diary

I write in my diary every day. I have done it 10 years now. I wish I had kept one my whole life because as one gets older, the years blend in to a vagueness except for certain events like a new child or one’s first Tupperware party. There have been times when an old friend may bring up an event that stands out in their mind but has been long forgotten in my mind-for what ever reason. To me, it’s like reading a mystery story that is missing whole chapters essential to the plot. My diaries have led to clarity on an insurance claim and to payment of wages. Who knows it could provide an alibi if I have to go before a Senate hearing committee–“What were you doing on November 16th 2002?”
One more suggestion. Don’t pour your heart out in a diary with every sordid detail of your love life. It will be embarrassing later even if it is just you who reads it. Some things don’t bear scrutiny. My mother said” Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want posted on a bulletin board.
Tonight, for example,I will write…After much hassle we got our motor home unstuck from the mud in T’s yard, said our goodbyes and were off down hwy 5 to hwy 90 East to Chelan. The wind was very strong and L was occasionally white knuckled. We stopped at 4:00 and stayed overnight at a gorgeous park along side a rushing river fit for whitewater rafters. I threw out the chocolate cake I made as it was excessively dry although the frosting was good. Emailed CA to figure out what happened.

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